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Change Management under NEC3 Contracts


Even with the most detailed preparation, sometimes large and complex engineering and construction projects can face obstacles that are unexpected and could not reasonably have been foreseen.

And although the principles underlying NEC3 contracts are straightforward, the details can be complex. If a delay is likely or unavoidable, there will be an issue as to a project extension of time and possibly as to compensation payable.

Our work in the field of Forensic Planning qualifies us well to support change management in this context.

Under NEC3 contracts there are set procedures to follow if the contractor or project manager becomes aware of anything which may delay completion or increase the price, or both. Usually this will have a negative impact on the contractor, so there is a necessary discussion around variations of contracts, more correctly called ‘Compensation Events,’ and this includes an immediate and binding assessment of cost and time implications.

The fine details, calculations and negotiations involved require considerable expertise and experience, and this is a service we are proud to offer, either as a one-off, or as part of wider consultancy services.

Change Management under NEC3 Contracts

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