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Project Management


At the heart of all successful civil engineering and construction projects is the all-seeing eye of the project manager. Matching up overarching goals with meticulous attention to detail, we have a proven track record in ensuring projects go to plan and are delivered on time and on budget.

As project managers, we are used to assuming responsibility for construction teams achieving goals on time and safely. Few large construction projects take place in a perfect world, but successful completion is required in any case – thus it is essential to supervise, monitor and pro-actively manage many different aspects of the project at the same time.

Our experience of leading and managing other specialists means that we can be sure that construction is carried out to the highest standards, with regular quality assurance and testing as appropriate.

Project Controls

Dovetailing with Project Planning and Project Management are Project Controls, which need to be built-in at the Planning stage and implemented from the start, all the way to delivery. Real time data from the project feeds into evaluation and forecasting. Accurate measures of progress can be compared with milestones and risks of delay can be flagged for action to minimise their impact. Good project management requires using good Project Controls with robust reporting protocols at every stage – all the time making sure the project is delivered according to plan.

Project Management

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