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Forensic Planning


When a project has been delayed and delivered late, or sometimes when there are signs of significant delay mid construction, the role of the Forensic Planner is to understand exactly what is at the heart of the problem.

Forensic Planning carries real value and purpose where

  • you need to put together a case for a project extension of time
  • you need to review planning and progress in order to get the work back on track
  • the project is now complete and the same problems need to be avoided in the future
  • the project is now complete and it is necessary to apportion responsibility for delays.

As consulting civil engineers, DevEngineering’s Forensic Planning service includes, as the context requires

  • Gathering relevant information
  • Reviewing all relevant evidence using accepted professional methodologies to establish a strong argument for a project extension of time
  • Analysing data to understand the impact of specific negative events, separately or collectively
  • Providing an independent evaluation and assessment of responsibilities and entitlement.
Forensic Planning

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