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Sub-contract Management


Sub-contracts go right to the heart of engineering and construction projects, so they need expert handling. At DevEngineering we fully appreciate how sub-contracts interlock and create interdependencies within larger works. Managing sub-contracts and sub-contractors, therefore, requires a comprehensive understanding of the whole, and a secure grasp of the details of the different sub-contracts and specialities involved.

Our expertise includes the ability accurately to evaluate the level of contractual risks involved, and to find solutions where there appears to be an imbalance.

We provide experienced and effective management throughout – not just of preparation, procurement, documentation and execution, but in real time management of resources and people. This extends to routine inspections and monitoring, and keeping a watchful eye kept on schedules and timings. Above all, success depends on clear and robust lines of communication to ensure there is a two-way flow of information to build trust and collaboration with individual sub-contractors, and more broadly throughout the matrix of specialist suppliers.

With hands-on experience in all aspects of this work, we are pleased to offer this service to support the smooth functioning of subcontracts, and within and along the sub-contractor supply chain, to secure the success of the project as a whole.

Sub-contract Management

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